Allihn Condenser

  • Ideal for reflux applications.
  • Inner bulb sections provide increased cooling surface.
  • Borrisilicate glass.
Code Description Diameter Size Availability Product Enquiries
CH3121/01 CI Condenser Allihn 200mm S19/26-C19/26 Add to Enquiries
CH3121/02 CI Condenser Liebig 250mm S24/29-C24/29 Add to Enquiries
CH3121/03 CI Condenser Liebig 400mm S19/29-C19/26 Add to Enquiries
CH3121/04 CI Condenser Liebig 500mm S24/29-C24/29 Add to Enquiries
CH3121/05 CI Condenser Liebig 500mm S34/35-C34/35 Add to Enquiries
CH3121/06 CI Condenser Liebig 600mm S19/26-C19/26 Add to Enquiries